Welcome to Restaurant Poules Moules

Welcome at the Poules Moules at the Simon Stevinsquare 9 in Bruges

Our restaurant is located in a renovated building from the 17th century with a typical painted stepped gable. In the interior you can still notice an original niche and the big wooden beams on the first floor could also be from the 17th century. On the left from our building, two houses down the road, you can find a beautiful authentic 16th century renaissance facade with two gorgeous medallions: one of Mercury (the god of trade) and the other one of Ceres ( the godess of harvest). These buildings can also be found on the famous map of Bruges from 1562 designed by Marcus Gheeraerts.

On the Simon Stevin square itself the butchershouse was located in the 14the century. The building, which had 2 parts, was the property of the butchers and was demolished in 1819. Now the statue of Simon Stevin is standing in the middle of the square since 1846. Simon Stevin was born in 1548 in Bruges and died in 1620 in Den Haag. He was famous for is knowledge in mathematics, for inventing the comma as decimal sign, as inventor of the sailingcar and as the advisor of prince Maurits of Nassau. Have you paid any attention to the beautiful gothic tower of the Saint-Salvatorscathedral from the 14th and 15th century?

Now the time has come to take a look at our menu. Our specialties are mussels and chickendishes, but our pastadishes are also very appreciated by our regular costumers. And what about Belgian beer? The better beers we offer are trappist- Orval, Bruges fool and Straffe Hendrik of Bruges.

The entire Poules Moules crew wishes you a nice meal!!

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